The 5 R’S That Should Be On Your August To-Do List

1.  RELISH: That’s right, relish the summer!  It’s not over yet, stretch it out.  Frolic in the lazy, crazy days of summer.  Savor the sunshine, appreciate the gorgeous summer sunsets, and take pleasure in the warm evenings that inspire you to do almost anything at all (even if you’re tired from a long day).

2.  RE-EVALUATE: Summer is a great time to focus on YOU.  You’re enjoying the weather, you’re more relaxed and are probably on the higher end of the “happy” scale than you were in the winter.  And so it’s a great time to weigh in on your priorities and goals when you have positive energy flowing.  Take a step back and re-evaluate your life and use this time to regroup.  Organize your thoughts and make changes in the areas that are no longer working for you.  Logical thinking and productive reasoning can really thrive when you are in a positive place.

3.  REBOOT: Not a bad time to shut down either, for a little while.  The turning off will allow everything to re-calculate. Take some time off from the same ‘ol, same ‘ol of every day.  Even if you can’t take a vacation, you can still take a break from the mundane and do something fun.  It’s summertime, don’t harness yourself with huge to-do lists. Give yourself a little more down time and allow yourself to enjoy more leisure time.  Sometimes you just need to turn the switch to OFF.  Shut it down and reboot.

4.  REJUVENATE: Time to refresh. By taking a break, you will activate new energy and potentially restore your focus. Very few can work at their highest potential for long periods of time before suffering burn-out. Capture the benefits of summer like a giant dose of vitamin D!  Rejuvenate.

5.  READY: If you have used your summertime wisely, and relaxed the heck out of it, then give yourself a big A+ in time-management.  Now you’re ready to rock and roll! September is just around the corner and we’ll be blogging about that real soon, but until then…… Enjoy the summer and PLAY hard!