The Benefits of Four Seasons

For those of us that live in parts of the country that have four seasons, what sadness transcends at the thought of another summer exiting.  But the truth of the matter is that a change of season is a natural motivator for actual change.  Some of us welcome change and others don’t fair as well, but regardless, the seasons will inevitably change in spite of our kicking and screaming. Whining about summer’s end accomplishes little, but recognizing the benefits can be fruitful.  In fact, it is an ideal setting for re-organizing our behaviors.

When we transition into a new season, it is a perfect opportunity to rethink the past.  The four seasons punctuate the cycle of a full year by the changes in our activities, the clothing we wear, the places we go, etc.  But those are not the only things that might change. Think about a change in season like an automatic reset, and when we can sense the physical change, it is likely to elicit an emotional response that syncs to both our personal and professional life as well.

We must prepare to adapt to a new season and for the change it brings on. A change in season is like a wake-up call to modify our daily life. Time to put away the summer clothes and organize your Fall and Winter wardrobe.   Do you need to buy new clothes because you’ve lost or gained weight from last season?  Did you cultivate new relationships or did some fizzle like the summer’s end? Can you visualize your current relationships and associations enduring through this next season? Does the thought of another Winter at the same job depress you? Evaluate.  Re-think.  Change.

Time does not stand still, it marches on and so should we.   Change is in the air, we can all feel it.  Embrace the brand new season.  What things are you ready to change?