Appetite for Change: 5 Ways to Know You’re Hungry

It was less than a week ago that we were hammered with yet another blast of snow.  It seemed that winter would never fade away. Most of us felt disheartened with these poking questions:

snow melt

  • Tired of the cold?
  • Tired of pale, dry, and chaffed skin?
  • Tired of the dirty snow and barren landscape?
  • Tired of preferring “inside” to “outside”?
  • Tired of feeling lazy and just plain “tired”?

We all are.  Or at least, we were.  In a matter of 24 hours, and with a shift of just one measly hour, everything changed. We feel very different, don’t we? Daylight savings time and warmer temperatures swiftly wet our appetites for change.  

We’ve had enough, we are more than ready now.  While the snow is melting and diminishing, our spirits are simultaneously soaring. Everyone’s walking with a happier beat to their step. We are exhilarated by even the smallest physical change around us.

Ironically, for me, the “lost” hour is forgotten. The longer days diffuse it, and not only lift me up but also give me an opportunity to accomplish more. My productivity is impacted greatly.  In fact, because of the longer daylight, I’m still shocked at the late hour every time I glance at the time.  To me, this pleasant surprise is still a novelty so it feels like an extra hour gifted to me.

The landscape is changing one thaw at a time.  I can see emerging flower beds and old familiar lawn peeking through the melting charcoaled mounds of snow.  For me,  it was all that I needed to shift my thinking and motivate me to dig myself out of the winter blues.

I’m ready to embrace a new season. I’m starving for Spring’s bloom and hungry for change.  How about you?  Do you have an appetite for change?