Details, Details, Details……

Day 24: (June 18) A day for working out the logistics of terminating my phone service, cable, Internet, etc., re-activating service in the new space, and coordinating it all with the move date.  In simple terms, this means sitting on the phone ALL day with incompetent people and getting nowhere. 

I currently have a 15 year old phone system with many sophisticated features I no longer use..  Clearly, my husband and I no longer need a paging system (we can just use our voices now) and with the downsize, we have less rooms so we need less phones.  So with the magic of networking, I was able to track down a company that buys, recycles, and refurbishes phone systems.  Since my system was outdated, I didn’t get oodles of money back, but I was grateful to sell it and have the module components and all phones removed from my home.  They also maintain and sell new phone systems.  The company is Global Telecom Supply (  If  you need to sell or buy a phone system, you can contact

Additionally, on my to do list, is to handle my change of address, which the post office told me it’s easy to do on line. With regard to credit card companies, deliveries of newspapers, magazines, and catalogs, I want to call personally to authorize the changes.

Next, need to contact my electrician to disconnect and wrap my lighting fixtures, and wall sconces.

Contacted wood craftsman who built my dining room wall unit, and confirmed date to dismantle on this end, re-assemble on the other.  Since he custom built it, I preferred he take it apart, and not rely on the moving company.  Damage control. Trying to organize the delivery of mattresses, TVs and audio hook-up, and possibly a desk and assembly for the same day.  Everybody is getting back to me….it will be a miracle if it all works out.