Bye Bye to Bubble Wrap and Boxes

Day 25: (June 19) Honestly, I’m so tired of making boxes, can’t stand the sight of bubble wrap, and am ready to toss the tape.  I have been using the tape gun, and the loose rolls with the attached metal teeth, and in both cases, have lost the end piece on multiple times.  You all know what I’m talking about.  The minute the loose end of tape barely grazes the rest of the roll, its end is lost FOREVER!  I can’t believe that someone hasn’t invented a better tool.

That said, since I’m moving locally, and have early access to the new space prior to the move.  I’ve decided to hand carry the rest of my kitchen decorative pieces (maybe even my dishes), toiletries, medicine cabinet items, personal items, etc… I plan on loading up my car, friend’s cars, and prepare my kitchen and master bathroom ahead of time.  That’s my goal is to have my kitchen, master bedroom closet and bathroom all ready and organized for my first night.  It’s seems wasteful now to spend additional time bubble wrapping and boxing so many things that I can just transfer myself and put them in their proper places.  I’m so grateful that I have this luxury.  Enough with the wrapping and so long to the tape.