Moving Forward…One Step at a Time

Day 28: (June 30)  I have four days to hand carry and transfer anything I choose, prior to the actual moving date.  This gradual move is giving me a little more control and is allowing me to micro-manage my personal items.  While the new place is being cleaned and painted, I’ll use the garage as a loading zone and I will organize the boxes by rooms.  By tomorrow, I hope to get in there and start unloading the kitchen.  I’m making the “kitchen pack” really easy by just throwing the silverware, knives, gadgets, utensils, etc. into Ziplocs and then into shoe boxes.  The dishes are being stacked in boxes, layered with towels, and the beverage glasses are going into those amazing liquor boxes.  I just LOVE those compartmentalized liquor boxes!  They have served multiple purposes during this pack.  I plan on utilizing them for all my cooking oils, vinegars, refrigerated glass jars, perfume bottles, and more importantly, eliminating the need to bubble wrap. 

My friends have volunteered to load up their cars and do continuous loops back and forth from my house to the new place.  This is a local move so it’s not a hassle.  Nothing better than… getting by with a little help from friends.