True Confessions of an Organizer


Day 27: (June 25) There are definitely pros and cons to being so passionate about organization.  The con is that my commitment to sticking with a specific agenda, and hoping that it is executed exactly as I had planned,  is creating lots of stress for me.  Everything I do is innately organized, but I am now realizing that having such high expectations of this moving process, is not realistic.  As I assess the new temporary space (with its limited storage closets), I realize that many of my packed boxes will no longer be able to get unpacked, as planned.  They will probably will not even be stored in the room they belong in.  Not a catastrophe, merely a compromise.  Moving, in general,  is overwhelming and there are so many things you cannot control.  Simply said, this is not simple.  My attempts to orchestrate the quintessential move is not failing me, it is only proving me to be human.  I may be organized, but I am certainly not perfect.  There is no such standard as to be perfectly organized, and so, there is  no such thing as the perfect move. 

My brain is way ahead of my body, and although I will not physically be in the new space for another week, my mind is already organizing it.  I’m packed, ready to transfer my things, and am mentally implementing a system to make the relocation an organized one. An organized mind never sleeps.  Call me crazy, it’s just who I am. 

Dot System