Moving On Up…Stairs, That Is

Day 22: (June 11) Another day, another weed.  It’s beginning to feel like a cleansing.  Went a little crazy in my closet and managed to turn order into chaos!  I know that sounds crazy for an organizer to admit, but once I detached from the clothing that was hanging there for over 15 years and not worn, I started tossing like crazy.  There were shoes (mostly black) with every heel and toe shape possible, handbags not used, worn socks, etc.  Bagged it all, and schlepped them back down to the foyer for another pick-up. Called Vietnam Veterans of America this time to donate my undesireables. 

Once they came and took it all away, I must say this kind of empty felt amazing.  I felt both happy to give to a needy charity, and relieved to get rid of so much clutter.  I have to say, purging was very liberating.  No regrets.  Don’t miss any of it!